Creating recycled aggregate products from your waste

Our waste recycling facility in central Bristol takes all the roadsweeping and gully waste that we collect from Bristol and the South West. We recycle all this waste into clean, recycled aggregate ready for re-use across Bristol.
We produce:
Recycled aggregate - our products. PMG Services

5 – 25mm washed recycled stone

Recycled aggregate - our products. PMG Services

0 – 5mm washed recycled sand

Our recycled aggregate products are suitable for use in earthworks and meet the Specifications for Highway Works (Series 500, 600 & 800). Both products are ideal for pipe bedding and cable laying. In addition, our sand is also ideal for laying paving stones.

Quality Assured

Firstly, we have developed an Environment Agency Approved Quality Protocol, in accordance with the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) guidelines. This means that we can provide assurance to our clients that our recycled products meet the appropriate requirements.
We test our products on a regular basis to ensure that they meet our strict quality control requirements. Testing data is collected regularly and we can provide all results and analysis to our clients upon request.
Secondly, our recycling facility has been operational since 2012. Subsequently, we have operated to meet the highest environmental standards.
Should you need further information regarding our products please call 0117 972 8564.

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