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Investing in our Shared Future

January 11, 2022 4:41 pm Published by

At PMG, we take pride in having first-class equipment to deliver excellent service to all our customers. We are continually investing in our fleet and equipment and 2021 had been no different! 

Last year we made investments across our business which included: 

Three new Recycled Road Sweepers  

We are known for our road sweeping services and in 2021, we were fortunate enough to welcome three new recycled road sweepers to our fleet. All three sweepers had 85% of their road sweeping bodies recycled and made into brand new trucks. You may have seen these sweepers cleaning the streets of the Southwest, if not then look out for the graphic on the side of the trucks!

Road sweeper in winter

A New Centrifuge for Our Recycling Plant 

Our recycling plant saw the biggest growth last year with four new machines added!  

Our centrifuge enables us to separate silty sludge from our washing plant and processing the liquid waste. We separate the sludge into clean water and a dense solid filter cake.  

The dense filter cake is further processed at a soil treatment facility to aerate and create a capping layer for use on their own site. This material contains a high percentage of soil and this is the material that PAS 115 wants to retain and use in more applications – read more about this in our blog from last year.  

The clean water from the centrifuge is reused throughout our recycling process and has significantly reduced our need to use mains fresh water. So, in turn, you are reducing your environmental impact too.  

A Brand-New 26t High Performance Combination Unit Jetting Tanker 

This new vehicle supports our expanding tanker services across the Southwest. It features the high-set-pressure jetting pump, so we can tackle any drain and can remove 7.5T of waste, leaving drainage systems clean, clear and functioning like new.

Jet vac tanker

Three on-site Liquid Waste Management Units  

These can separate grit, sand, and sludge down to 63 microns at 10 tons per hour! This helps us support our customers with their liquid waste problems on-site. Sometimes, it is more suitable not to remove the waste for processing. We use our expertise from our recycling plant to design an on-site solution for our customers to offer a fully managed solution. 

A New Mechanic’s Van  

We have also introduced another van to our fleet. This means we have better geographical coverage and improved response time for callouts that our workshop staff need to attend. 

New workshop van for mechanics at PMG

Finally, We Recently Received a Brand-New Hyundai HW210A  

In November, we bought the first Hyundai HW210A in Europe! The wheeled excavator is helping us load our recycling plant and at an even more efficient rate than before. Check out our LinkedIn page for posts and videos with our favourite new addition. 

In total, we have invested over £1m in 2021 on our plant, equipment and vehicles!  

At PMG, we are serious about keeping our equipment up-to-date for our own internal recycling operations and for our customers. We value sustainability, innovation, reliability and responsiveness.  

We have big plans for 2022 for PMG, new services, growth and welcoming new customers on board – watch this space!  

If you require a road sweeper or tanker, call our office on 01179 728 564 or email us at

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