Waste recycling

Are you looking for a waste recycling facility?PMG Tanker Hire

PMG Services set up the first operational waste recycling plant in the South West. We are licensed to accept, treat and recycle road sweeper and gully wastes.

What happens to your waste?

After acceptance, your waste goes through a series of stages.
Firstly, we separate the waste into liquid and solids elements. Then, we screen and wash the solids via our bespoke treatment process. We produce recycled stone aggregates and sand.
Due to our End of Waste Quality Protocol, the waste is certified as a product, and therefore, it has a future life as a usable construction material.
We separate and collect organic elements that serve as a vital composting material.
We dewater the liquid element of your waste and reuse it in our wash plant. Any wastewater goes for further treatment at a local sewage processing centre.
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Zero to landfill

PMG is proud to be operating a zero to landfill service as standard. We divert tens of thousands of waste away from landfill per year via our onsite recycling plant. We have won an environmental award for this service and that’s why some local authorities choose to use us for their waste handling.

The majority of our waste is treated and certified for further use. We have the facilities to accept sweeper and gully waste from any organisation including local councils, construction sites, developers and highways maintenance.

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