COP26 – How PMG Is Helping To Protect the Environment

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In-light of the COP26 conference taking place in Glasgow, we have been thinking about the different ways in which our company helps to protect our environment and increase sustainability through our zero-to-landfill recycling plant in Bristol.

What Is the COP26 Conference?

The COP26 conference is now in its second and final week, resulting in a number of commitments that individuals and businesses are able to reflect on. The conference aims to bring together different countries to forward the action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement on world-wide climate change.

In the previous COP conference that happened in Paris in 2016 (COP21), it was agreed that every 5 years a new summit would take place – A way to see which countries have kept their commitments and ways to showcase new ideas to help tackle climate change. Agreements raised in Paris included:

  • A commitment to keep the global temperature increase “well below” 2°C (3.6°F) and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5°C.
  • Each country will prepare a “nationally determined contribution” (NDC) of greenhouse gas emission reductions that it intends to achieve through domestic mitigation measures. Each update is to be more ambitious than the previous.

 Power plant gas

Some of the major talks that have happened over the course of the fortnight in Glasgow have also resulted into numerous commitments:

  • Adaptation – Loss and damage to the environment which includes deforestation – a common consequence of human-caused climate change. In the summit’s first deal, more than 100 world leaders have promised to end deforestation by 2030.
  • Zero emissions – Transport accounts for 10% of the world’s emissions. Businesses are encouraged to join the EV100 – a global initiative bringing together forward-looking companies committed to push forward the transition to electric vehicles (EVs).
  • End in sight for coal – 23 countries have made commitments to phase out coal power which include the world’s top 20 countries consuming the most coal power.
  • Methane emissions – More than 80 countries have pledged to cut methane emissions by at least 30 percent by 2030.

How Does PMG Help To Protect the Environment?

Over 50% of our fleet is Euro 6 and we are investing every year in new vehicles with the most up to date technology. The benefits of a Euro 6 vehicle are:

  • Reduced CO2 – Euro 6 engines allow you to reduce your carbon footprint as these engines produce up to 25% less CO2 than a petrol version.
  • Efficiency -Euro 6 provide the bonus of producing increasingly fuel-efficient engines resulting in cost efficient engines.

We set up the first operational waste recycling plant in the Southwest and it has grown ever since. At our waste recycling facility, we are able to recycle road sweeping and gully waste. Once the waste has been treated, it’s then separated into liquid and solid elements, the end result of recycling the waste is that it is then transformed into clean sand and stone which can be reused in the construction industry.

We operate a zero to landfill recycling facility as standard, meaning that every year we are permitted to divert 25,000T of waste away from landfill, we feel that PMG are doing our little bit to help our local area.

COP26 conference - PMG waste recycling Bristol

As this conference aims to tackle worldwide climate change there are small steps that everybody can take to make a difference, for instance reduce, reuse and recycle, use public transport to reduce your carbon footprint, plant trees and use less plastic.

The COP26 conference is taking place until Friday 12th November… let’s all keep the momentum going with helping to save the planet we call home!

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