PMG Helping to Keep Winter Roads Safe

January 19, 2017 12:41 pm Published by

With colder weather upon us and snow forecast do you ever wonder what happens to the sand and grit spread on the roads to help keep them safer under icy conditions?

Here at PMG our fleet of road sweepers work across Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, Swindon and Bristol to keep the highways clean. The good news is that all of the residue left from the gritter lorries is swept up and re-cycled at our own state of the art waste treatment plant in Bristol.

In fact nothing that is swept up by PMG road sweepers or gully tankers is sent to landfill. We recycle everything from empty drink cans and litter to scrap metal and organic matter like leaves and twigs.

We estimate that this winter we will recycle over 300 tonnes of grit and sand. After it is washed and cleaned to rigorous environmental standards it will be bagged and sold to construction companies for re-use in applications such as road building and pipe-laying.

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This post was written by Danny Liddeatt

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