Legal Requirements for Tipping Sweeper Waste

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Our licensed Transfer facility in St Phillips, Bristol continues to go from strength to strength with a number of high profile customers now taking full advantage of our central location and our Recycling capabilities. 

Prior to changes in legislation regarding Sweeper waste, we were exploring our options for recycling all material collected by our fleet.

Following the changes, the legislation states:

  • Under European landfill regulations, liquid waste – Road sweepings on average contains 10% water/ liquid content – can no longer be sent to landfill. In addition to this, all waste must be treated to the legally defined standards before it can be taken to Landfill.
  • Where possible, Road Sweepers must travel to a licensed site in order for waste treatment to take place. To tip sweepings on their own site, Companies must have the appropriate environmental permit and an impermeable surface with controlled drainage before it can tip. The Sweeper must NOT empty near drains, surface water, groundwater or bare ground.
  • All companies have a legal and moral responsibility to dispose of their waste correctly.

 PMG Services are licensed as both waste carriers and as a treatment facility, which enables us to provide a complete waste management solution.

Our facility is a simple solution to treating your road sweepings and gully waste and is unaffected by the annual increase of Landfill tax. We are committed to employ best environmental practices by recovering both the liquid and the solid content from all loads discharged on our site. These factors are important to our customers and are why PMG Services are the market leader in the South west of England. We are now in phase 2 of our plans for the facility, with the addition of new technology and we will update you early in 2014 once Phase 2 is completed.

In the meantime, if you have any enquiries regarding rates for tipping or your legal requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01179 728 564 or email us 

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