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PMG Welcome New Transport Manager

September 2, 2021 12:01 pm Published by

August has been a busy month for PMG with new recruits. At the start of the month, we were fortunate enough to welcome Jason, our new Transport Manager to the PMG team. Jason brings with him a wealth of knowledge and we’re excited to be working with him!

Let’s find out a bit more about Jason and his experience:

Where it All Began:

Impressively, Jason has over 22 years’ experience in the transport industry – just one of the many reasons we knew he was the right fit for the role and the company. After unintentionally falling into the transport sector, Jason firstly started off working as a Transport Administrator; three years later after a lot of hard work he was then promoted to Assistant Manager before the breakthrough of Transport Manager where he received his National Transport Management Certificate.

Before accepting his new role at PMG, Jason worked at Freightage as a Depot and Transport Manager, ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of milk tankers – Although PMG aren’t a milk tanker service, Jason can take his experience gained through Freightage and use it at PMG on the tankers that we hire out.

As well as tankers, Jason will also be getting to grips with our road sweepers and understanding how they work. PMG are the largest provider of tankers and road sweepers in the Southwest of England, and we have our own waste recycling facility where we recycle all waste that’s collected from our jobs. If you require a road sweeper or tanker, then give our office a call on 0117 972 8564 or email us at

PMG Services Transport Manager

What Jason is Most Looking Forward to Whilst working at PMG Services:

After only being in the company for a few weeks, Jason is most looking forward to really getting stuck into the job and getting to know more about the company, as well as getting to know his work colleagues and the drivers.

Jason’s Interesting Fact About Himself:

Jason plays bass in a country-rock band called Hicktown Breakout along with four others in his spare time. After joining the band over a year and a half ago during the first lockdown, the band have already been fortunate enough to play at different festivals across the UK including Rock and Ribs and the upcoming Foodies Festival in Bristol. If you’d like to hear what the Hicktown Breakouts sounds like, you can follow their YouTube page.

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