Zero waste to landfill from the PMG Services’ recycling facility

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Hang on to your hats, fellow sustainability fanatics – we can now proudly boast that none of the road sweeping and gully ‘wastes’ which we collect on a daily basis are going to landfill.

Yes, that’s zero waste to landfill, largely thanks to our recently passing the quality protocol (see my blog last month dated 15th April). We recycle or reuse the entire content, by separating sand, gravel and stones and sending them off to be reused for road surfacing and construction or, in the case of high-grade organic materials, compost or remediation. We also separate any litter which we send for reprocessing, much of which is used to make refuse-derived fuels. We even send the water content off to treatment works to be recycled.
Helping clients achieve recycling and sustainability targets

Each week we process several hundred tonnes of aggregate – but it’s not purely the ‘wastes’ which PMG collects which are being saved from landfill. Clients such as Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire County Council are also benefiting from their ‘wastes’ being recycled as we allow others to bring road and gully sweepings to our waste recycling facility in St Philips, Bristol.

Zer0 waste to landfill has a lovely ‘ring about it’, don’t you feel?


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